Friday, July 1, 2011

Patriotism on the inside

Hello my beautiful friends! Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Since you're so sweet to make time for me, I feel the need to be compeltely honest with you......

I am not perfect. I can hear the gasping. I know, I know, but im really not.

I cannot do everything.

I am not a super- duper take-care-of-the-house- er. I dont even like cleaning. ( and dont ge tme started on dusting- doesnt it just swoosh the dust around? Such a silly concept.....dusting)

I cannot make more hours appear in the day, no matter how long I stand there with my arms folded, nodding my head & blinking ( only certain readers in a certain age group will get that- you know who you are because you just laughed)

I cannot keep the yard clean, the grass that oh so desired shade of green and the flowers beautifully blooming around the house. Green thumb? Ppfffttttt I think not.

What I can my best. Because as silly as that may sound, even a little cliche, thats all I can do.

I recently learned that I am an "all or nothing" kind of person. Meaning, if I cant do something all the way, I dont do it. It sounds kind of bratty when I put it like that.

It's more like......I want my blog to be nice and pretty and fun so lots of people will stop by and maybe even smile and be inspired by a thing or two. But, I dont know much about blogging. I tell myself that I will read about it, learn how to do it properly and then I can have the blog of my dreams, sounds great right? Wrong!!

Time flies by, life goes on, things happen, and I never really get to do the 'blogging research' I want to. So what happens? I dont blog. Well, this is no longer acceptable to me.

I have so many fun things that I want to share; recipes, fondant figures, baking tips , etc so im just going to do it.

So what if my pics arent perfect and the lighting leaves a lot to be desired, at least im trying.

I hope you understand this, maybe theres even a little of the 'all or nothing' bug in you, and you bare with me as I learn and grow.

So thats that.

I have always, always wanted to bake a cake so when you cut it, there was something 'special' inside. Todays the day!

This cake is perfect for any July 4th party and its so easy too!

Ive seen several different versions of this cake online, the one distinct difference with mine is I thought it would be easier ( its all about easy ) to put the blue in the middle, instead of the outside. You'll see......

I baked 3 cakes. 1 white, 1 red and 1 smaller blue cake. I used a white cake and colored it with Americolor. Yes, the red took much more gel then the blue.Then I cut the white and red layers.

I put the little blue cake on the top and used a knife to cut out the layers of white and red cake the size of the little blue cake.

Then carefully pulled out the inside so the blue cake would fit.

And whudda ya know? It fit! whoo-hoo!

I definitely should have taken a few more pics here, but im learning, remember :o) I used a vanilla buttercream and frosted between the layers before constructing the cake.

You can certainly decorate the outside of the cake in a much more festive way then I did . The possibilites are endless.

I dont think it makes a difference if the blue is in the middle, or a larger ring on the outside, the flag looks the same. I love the way it came out.....I hope you do too!!

I already made another red, white and blue dessert so stay tuned!!

Any and all comments are welcomed and appreciated! Thanks :o)



Cupcakes by Dana said...

I think that is the smartest way to make this cake. I love that you are blogging now. I support you 100%! I am looking forward to your next post ;-} Dana

JessDesserts said...

Thank you so much Dana! You are always as sweet as can be!!