Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ask and ye shall receive....

I was lucky to receive tons of positive feedback for these fondant figures. They were for a neurologist and they adorned a dozen cupcakes.

The above pic is just a close up of one of the toppers I was recently asked how to make. The whole dozen can be seen on my Flickr page.

Today, I made a tutorial showing how to make the caduceus ( the short staff entwined by two serpents, surmounted by wings, that is commonly associated with medicine. )

Before you begin, I suggest you have a fondant disc or an actual cupcake nearby to use a reference for size.

1. Roll a very small ball of fondant

2.Roll a short 'log' out of fondant and taper it at 1 end. Cut the other end and leave it for now.

3.I used a mold for the wings, it seemed the perfect size. If you dont have a mold, no worries, it'll just take an extra 2 minutes to make a pair of wings.

4. Shape a small piece of fondant into a wing . Then mark the fondant ( I used a fondant tool referred to as a veiner, but you can use anything - even a toothpick works well) to indicate feathers.

5. Start with semi circles toward the wider end and then draw a line out to the tip.

6. Continue to draw semi-circles, i made 4 rows until you're happy with how far they reach.

7. Draw lines out to the tip from the last row of semi-circles.

8. Continue to draw lines until the entire feather is filled.

It looks almost exactly the same and it doesnt take long at all!

Now to assemble:

1. Get the ball you rolled before.

2. Get the 'log' you rolled before.

3. Attach them using water ( or whatever you usually use thats handy).

4. Pick up a wing, and at the wider side, made an indentation so the 'log' will fit better. Repeat with the other wing.

5. Wet or glue the area that you just indented.

6. Attach the wings with water ( you're seeing the tip of my water brush in the pic, one of my all time favorite things to work with).

7. Roll 2 logs, thinner then the first, also tapered the ends. Make a little ball on the opposite end to represent a snakes head.

8. Using a picture for reference, curl the snake around the staff.

9. Repeat with the other. At this point, when you're happy with the placement, glue the snakes to the staff.

Wait until it dries a little and cover with silver if you want. I used luster dust mixed with a little vodka. I really like the way it came out.

You can start with grey fondant and just dust it at the end.

Whatever makes you happy. After all, thats what this should all be about, right?

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Thanks for stopping by!


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