Friday, October 8, 2010

Sweet scone o' mine!

I definitely want to blog more, but I must admit......I didnt know that when I got a tattoo of Eeyore many years ago, it would be an omen of things to come. Meaning, I seem to have a dark cloud over my head & not only has it been there for quite sometime, it also doesnt seem to have any plans on leaving anytime soon. We'll just leave it at that for now. Because now it's time for one of my favorite recipes from pastry school..........cranberry drop scones!

Its a pretty basic recipe, just make sure not to overmix.
Oh yeah, and I also added some chopped white chocolate. I love the combination. mmm-mmm-mmm!

Ice cream scoops are my favorite gadget! They make things look so neat and uniform ( & keep my OCD in check! )
I also sprinkle some granulated sugar on top before baking them. I just love that extra sweet crunch on top!


Look at these beauties. They smell super fabulous too. Try not to over bake them because a dry scone is a not a happy scone.
I wanted to show the middle, the top and the bottom so you can see what they're supposed to look like.
Heres the recipe: (from Professional Baking, fifth edition, Gisslen)
butter 6oz
sugar 5oz
salt 0.25oz
egg yolks 1.33oz (2yolks)
pastry flour 1# & 8oz ( i used 1/2 AP flour & 1/2 cake flour)
baking powder 1.25 oz
milk 14oz
dried cranberries 4oz
white chocolate ~2oz
Preheat oven to 400. combine butter, sugar & salt in the bowl of a mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. Blend to a smooth paste. Add the eggs gradually & blend in thoroughly. Add the milk & mix in. Sift together the flour(s) & the baking powder. Add to the bowl and mix to a smooth dough. Add the cranberries and chocolate just until mixed in. Drop mounds onto parchment-lined sheet pan, ( I didnt have any, it was fine- or you can use a silpat). Bake until golden brown and slightly firm to the touch.( probably about 15mins) Let cool for 5 minutes on pan before removing.
I highly recommend these, they're amazing. They're not too sweet and when you bite into a cranberry piece as well as a white chocolate piece.......heavenly!!
I welcome all comments and i'd love to see pics if anyone is tempted to bake them.

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