Sunday, October 31, 2010

HaPpY HaLlOwEen! ! ! !

Happy Halloween! I wanted to share with you my adorable ( if I do say so myself) creations for all hallows eve!!

They're so easy to do, it got me thinking. I think I want to try and start make fondant pictorials. I receive requests asking how to make a figure here and there and i'd love to be able to put something together when I can. I dont want to commit to once a week or bi-weekly because thats too much pressure for me at the moment.

I already wish I had more time for myself but thats just not the case right now. I'd love to be cheesy and say "tutorial Tuesdays are coming" but im going to have to settle for "ill post a tutorial when I can". It will have to do for now.

I love , and I mean love, making things with fondant. I've said it before, im a pay it forward kinda gal, so I also love to share as much as I can.

There are pretty much only 2 recipes that I would never share and thats only because they mean so much to me. I used to bake them with my mother when I was younger. Since im not able to do that any more, I keep them even closer to my heart and think of her fondly when I make them. I will post them, im sure, eventually, but the recipe will have to stay with me for sentimental reasons. Everything else I make........even if I tweek it more times then I can count to get it totally willing to share

Not everyone feels the same way that I do and I understand. To each their own and I respect their decision. I am of the belief that it doesnt hurt to ask, but if someone doesnt want to help, thats perfectly fine.

So, with all that said, if you have any questions about anything I post, please feel free to ask. I will help any way that I can. If for some reason I am unable to help, we can figure it out together.

Happy Halloween my friends! I hope you have lots of trick-or-treaters so you dont get 'stuck' with tons and tons of candy. Then you will be forced to eat it because you cant just throw it and then you'll feel guilty.......but im not talking from experience, im just looking out for you! LOL

Be Safe!!


Cookies n creme cupcake with cookies n creme buttercream, topped with Satin Ice fondant witches hat.
Hot Cocoa cupcake with marshmallow frosting, topped with an orange Fondarific pumpkin.
Unfortunately, this is the best pic I have of this COOL cupcake. Its raspberry red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting with a little surprise inside. Theres a bit of raspberry puree inside so when you cut into it, its supposed to look like its bleeding! Topped with a black fondant disc and a fondant skull and crossbones.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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